#NBI2015Safari – Lady of Steel

As I hunt down and sift through my scattered folders of game screenshots for the NBI Screenshot Safari, I’m finding more and more stuff I forgot even existed. Like all the gorgeous shots I snapped during my DC Universe Online career.

What better game to grab a picture from for #NBI2015Safari’s ‘Heroes or Villains’ theme? Time for a break from LoTRO, for my third entry!

#NBI2015Safari – Heroes or Villains

Seems a long time ago that I was rockin’ out in Gotham and Metropolis, but the date-stamp on this shot says April 2014, so I guess time is relative. That’s my hero, Lady Trace, standing up for Supes at the end of the Fortress of Solitude: Power Core raid.

I used to wonder why the devs placed these two guys so far apart, until the ‘ahhhh’ moment came – so we heroes have space to form up! Back off, Luthor!

Would that some of the raid had stuck around for group photography, like in other MMOs… but fat chance of that on one like this.


3 Responses to “#NBI2015Safari – Lady of Steel”

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