#NBI2015Safari – The South Remembers

The Newbie Blogger Initiative continues to impress. Only a couple of days since I got on board, and already I’m stumbling across far more game blogs than I thought existed. Takes a movement like this to show you the limits of your exposure before!

And it turns out the NBI Screenshot Safari isn’t strictly a weekly thing. So I’m going to do right by my old screenshots, and carry on contributing.

Here’s a second #NBI2015Safari entry, for the ‘High Fantasy’ theme.

#NBI2015Safari – High Fantasy

Compared to my first submission, this is a more recent shot, dating back to May 2012. The lore context makes it one of my favorites. That’s my LoTRO main, Annúnion Arantir of Gondor, before the statue of Elendil in Tinnudir Keep – a man called ‘King’s Guard’ rendering salute to the High King of the Dúnedain!

It was a tricky shot. I had only about one second to snap him in mid-flourish, sans glowy magical effects – and the cooldown on the ability that produces said flourish is one hour! No pressure…


7 Responses to “#NBI2015Safari – The South Remembers”

  1. That’s a good one. I love the lighting and glow effects!

  2. Thanks! Hope you don’t mean the glow on my sword – I didn’t think of swapping it for a mundane one. It wasn’t an Elvish blade and there are no Orcs in Tinnudir…

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  4. really nice shot. I love the lore reasons behind the pose :)

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