#NBI2015Safari – An International Incident

I hate selfies… except when they’re of game characters, in which case I condone narcissism to the nines.

Choosing one for my fourth and last #NBI2015Safari entry was no easy task! With the past three being from LoTRO and DCUO, I considered putting up one from WoW or Dragon Age for diversity – but eh, this one is just too good.

#NBI2015Safari – Selfie

This was one of the first times I took my hero, Lady Trace, into the Kahndaq raid, back in March 2014. I will never forget how blown away I was by the place – a whole Egyptian-styled city open for roleplay and photography! And DCUO being DCUO, nobody I saw reined in the bum-rushing to do anything of the sort.

I love this shot for how beautifully the sunset accentuates Trace’s getup. My concept for her was basically a paramilitary British Batgirl, so a lot of time went into carefully mixing costume colors to achieve a Union Jack resemblance. It didn’t occur to me that people would think of the American flag instead! (“Looks like Cap and Bats”, I remember one guy saying…)

And there endeth my submissions for the NBI Screenshot Safari. I’ll take this opportunity to say thank you to the great folks of the Newbie Blogger Initiative, for inspiring me to unearth all these forgotten gems, and especially to Murf for kicking this off!


5 Responses to “#NBI2015Safari – An International Incident”

  1. tyrannodorkus Says:

    Nice shot. I love superhero games and usually take the most screenshots in them. Mostly of other people’s awesome characters.

  2. Thanks! Ever thought of making a ‘graphic novel’ out of those shots?

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  4. […] The Iron Dagger – DC Universe Online (Selfie) […]

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