#NBI2015Safari – Doomsday, Eat Your Heart Out

Cry printscreen and let slip the screenshots! Now that Murf has lifted the limits on the NBI Screenshot Safari, I think I’ll go for broke and grab a shot for each of the two categories I haven’t submitted for yet.

My fifth #NBI2015Safari entry will have to come from DCUO once again, after all. Because what else can qualify as an Epic Achievement than, you know, beating down Superman?

#NBI2015Safari – Epic Achievement

Even more so when the beater was specifically designed for that purpose. That’s my villain, ARMSEAR MkII (Autonomous Robotic Meta-powered System for Extraterrestrial Armed Response), moments after fulfilling his prime directive of neutralizing the most powerful alien on Earth – aboard the Justice League Watchtower, no less!

This was snapped in March 2014, at the end of the Meta Villain main quest. I had an absolute blast playing a character obsessed with taking down DC’s finest – the cop-out of his first clash with Supes, where Luthor tanked while he scurried around fetching kryptonite like a harried waiter, was more than made up for by this finale. I remember every minute of that protracted duel, wearing the Man of Steel down move by move, mano a mano.

Despite DCUO’s setting, I like to think this beaten-down blue boy isn’t the old, classic Superman, but the current ‘I can explode in a solar flare but become mortal for 24 hours’ one. Count me among those raising a glass to the New 52’s long-delayed demise.


3 Responses to “#NBI2015Safari – Doomsday, Eat Your Heart Out”

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