#NBI2015 – the morning after the morning after

LATE ROUNDUP POST IS LATE BUT… better late than never with a thing like the NBI.

Call me weird, but it feels really strange to be able to count myself among the ‘NBI Class of 2015’. Like the man from Plato’s cave who steps out, cringing, into the blinding light of day… and finds himself right smack in a beach party with laughing folks handing him a pair of sunglasses.

And a soda. That would be from Murf, I think.

Randomness aside, I have only good things to say about my maiden run with the Newbie Blogger Initiative. My only regret is that I did not learn of it earlier! Despite going for broke with Murf’s Screenshot Safari, I was only in time to participate in one of the Talkbacks, and naught else. (“What Made You a Gamer?” is a rich one. I might just tackle that as a separate post.)

But that’s alright. Because this movement, as I now realize, is about something far more than posts. It is about the blogosphere. Not blogs, but the blogosphere. All of us: a network, a nation, an ecosystem of folks who care enough about games to write about them.

You’ve encouraged me with all of your visits, welcomes, comments and retweets.

And you’ve inspired me with all of your chin-palmingly good writing – by various degrees clear, thoughtful, entertaining, and moving.

As you have so many others, I’m sure, in the years before this one when I yet sat and watched the shadows on the wall.

I’ve left the cave. And the light is glorious.

Veterans, sponsors, and the members of the NBI Committee – I salute you.

My fellow graduates – moar words plz.

Aspect of the Hare
Chaotic Pixels
Gamer Girl Confessions (shout-out for sharing my childhood nickname as your handle!)
Gaming Adventures
Imperial Intelligence
In Character
Knife’s Edge Adventures
Lair of the Wolf Dragon
Light The Beacons
Memoirs of a Lady
Pleasant Gamer
Ramblings of an MMO Gamer
Randark’s Review
The Balance Force
The Legacies in SWTOR
The Rykter Scale
Waiting for Rez

Looking forward to #NBI2016. Hopefully, I’ll be a little more experienced, and have more to say – and be able to camp outside a few caves with a box of sunglasses.


4 Responses to “#NBI2015 – the morning after the morning after”

  1. You probably haven’t learned of my degree in philosophy yet, so your allusions the Allegory of the Cave are even more pandering than you’ve already done.

    I fully support pandering to me, just as much as I support your right to blog about whatever you want to! Keep at, you’ve done well so far. :D

  2. Wow, no, I didn’t know until now! Damn, I should have tried a Chinese proverb instead. Or was that a multicultural course you took?

    Always glad to have you here. I’m still enjoying that soda.

  3. Congrats on your first NBI! Keep writing and I’ll keep reading! :D

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