4 things I’m rooting 4 in Fallout 4 #E32015

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Fallout 4 seems to be the darling of Bethesda’s day in the E3 spotlight. No surprise there. I myself nearly hyperventilated at the potential on display.

First, before I make any further remarks, my Nuka-creds. I’m a Fallout epigone: FO1 and 2 were before my time, as were all the spin-offs, and my introduction to the series was the entry people still malign as ‘an intellectual desert’.

But I played the daylights out of FO3, and thoroughly enjoyed it, at least until the buggy, wtf-worthy clusterbeep that was Mothership Zeta signaled the end. Then along came FO:NV with its shades of grey and its tear-jerkingly beautiful rendition of Zion National Park – and to this day, it’s the only Fallout title I refuse to uninstall.

Now we come to Boston, and my name is Dogmeat if it isn’t the most technologically advanced wasteland we’ve seen so far. These are the things I zoomed in on in what Bethesda showed us.

T-60 power armor

Whoa. All grown up now, are we? The classic model’s only a T-51! Wonder if that can still be found in Boston, and if we get any perks for wearing it instead of this new Iron Man suit?

Speaking of Iron Man, that shot of the player stepping into the armor from behind, Tony Stark-like, seriously caught me off guard. Never once did I imagine you put on power armor that way. Don’t you slip that helmet on, you know… like a motorcycle helmet?

Aesthetics aside, the game’s vaunted crafting system raises a concern for me. How long before searching for parts and tricking out my suit becomes filler: a time sink that doesn’t add to my enjoyment of the game? I guess I’ll know it the moment I realize I’m spending more time playing with armament options and less time out there dishing out wasteland justice.

Air power

I’m just going to say it: Holy Enclave Vertibird, Batman!

Throughout the franchise, the devs have made a big deal about flight. I’ve heard of a lone downed Vertibird you can find as a rare encounter in FO2, and in FO3, the Enclave is feared as the only fighting force in the wasteland to possess aerial capabilities. Now… it seems we’re going to have our very own chopper on call.

I’m guessing there’ll be free aim while we’re airborne, so it’ll be time to give those clunky miniguns I never used in FO3 and FO:NV the airtime (pun intended) they deserve.

And, I’m also guessing it won’t be a spammable thing. Those flares we use to summon the bird will probably be devilish expensive, or, if they’re craftable, a pain to assemble. Unless… this is somehow linked to fast travel. Elapsed time hasn’t meant a lot in FO4’s predecessors, but maybe things are different this time round. And if there are timed quests, then hell, cost or no cost, I’m covering them miles in the air!

The Institute

I haven’t had time to hyperanalyze the footage, but where is it?

When FO4 rumors first surfaced a couple years back, I seem to recall the Institute featured quite prominently. And since those rumors placed the game in Boston, which is now a reality… where are those eggheads? Footage shows their creations, synths, as enemies – but that’s it.

Would have been nice to show a shot or two of what’s become of MIT, after everything we’ve heard about it.

Well, though I don’t see anything on the year FO4 is set in, as long as it takes place after FO3 (it may, since the footage indicates it’s still 200 years after the bombs fell), we can expect to find at least two familiar faces there. Dr. Madison Li – and that heartless bastard Zimmer. I for one owe android man a lesson in humanity…

Air power (again)

Jetpacks. Come on. Can you blame me for being excited? This is, unless I’m misremembering something terribly, the first time ever in Fallout history we’re getting freed from terrestrial limitations in combat.

Death from above is now in the playbook. Think of the mobility. The expediency. The tactical advantages. I probably don’t need to fear Deathclaws any more! Wait, the damned things can pounce, can’t they… which means they can jump as well… and they can execute you now!

Okay, I think I’ll stick with the Vertibird. Aerial wasteland safari. Put my nightmares in the irradiated ground.

But that’s enough musings for now. I’ve been served a hefty dose of hype, but I’ve walked the wasteland long enough, I think, to know what I’ll be looking for in this game. To that end, I’ll sign this post off with this great quote from Belghast:

These style of open world sandbox games are not really about being told a story, but instead giving you a launch pad and a creative engine for you to wander off and tell your own story through your interaction with the world.  I love them so much because they give me the freedom to enter a world without deep narrative shackles.  They don’t care one bit if I wander off in the opposite direction the in game indicator is telling me to go, and find my own experience out in the wasteland.

Epic. Epic never changes.


2 Responses to “4 things I’m rooting 4 in Fallout 4 #E32015”

  1. I kind of feel like I should go back and play FO3/NV. I played the original way back when and liked it (own the originals at the present as well, so I could go back to those) but when it came to FO3 I was disappointed with the VATS system and struggled to get far enough into the game. As a result I skipped over New Vegas altogether. I sold FO3 within a month of buying it (a physical copy on PS3).

    The hype for FO4 has me wanting to see what I may have missed, and perhaps give the series another chance. Maybe I was just being too picky.

    Then again, the amount of hours I’d have to put in to complete those two games would probably keep me busy til FO4 released, and my backlog is already filled to the brim. First world problems, all.

    • Hence why I’m thankful in a way that I came so late to the FO party – I had no expectations of FO3 as an FO game. My only point of reference to it was TESIV, a different animal altogether.

      New Vegas is, in many ways, a significant improvement over 3. But both are ultimately the same as far as the system is concerned – a system FO4 seems to be preserving. So getting into FO3 or FO:NV now would definitely ease the transition.

      As for time constraints, though, I can’t really recommend one in particular to complete! My gut tells me FO3, since it will undoubtedly be tied to 4, but NV is just so damned stellar.

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