What’s a Liebster? Can it be eaten?

Liebster award That’s what Singaporeans say when they’re told something they don’t understand. I think it’s falling out of use, though. Oh, well. Works here.

This post comes courtesy of Ravalation’s Ravanel Griffon, who is apparently an archaeologist. Or will be one. Did that sound random? Because it doesn’t to me. It seems to be the crux of the Liebster thing – personal details and all – and it sounds like one of the perfect real-life vocations for a gamer. Would that I could say I was one, or a historian or an anthropologist, instead of a, you know, business writer. And I’m using that term kind of loosely.

So here we go. Not sure why anyone would want to know about the hand holding the dagger here – I’ve been told repeatedly I’m the boringest dude alive. But anyway.

More random than facts

  • I was named after a town in England.
    No, it’s not Camelot, though I wish it was.
  • Fittingly, the only place I’ve been outside Asia is the UK.
    And that was only for less than a couple of weeks. I did not get to visit my namesake, though – just traipsed around London and drove down to Wales to climb Pen y Fan. So yeah, I’m not much of a traveler.
  • The moniker I use these days, Syrmaticus, is actually a very recent one.
    Before this year, I used a hodgepodge of other handles, including my childhood nickname, Chestnut (which a certain eminent member of the gaming blogosphere has already claimed).
  • I’m something of a pack rat.
    I have tons of stuff from the past lying around. Old scribblings, useless mementos, books I bought but never read, et cetera ad nauseum. I should probably make a will stipulating the whole lot be burned down in case I die before I get to sort it out.
  • Long before I was a (quote-unquote) business writer, I was a hobby writer.
    I began working on my first proper novel on Christmas Day of 1998. And I still don’t have anything remotely close to publishing.
  • I’m obsessed with dogs.
    I treat them like human babies. Specifically, furry/fluffy/fuzzy ones. The fatter and dumber they look, the better. Can’t help it, having lived with a perpetually stoned poochon for 18 years.
  • I’m a self-diagnosed Aspie.
    Now you know why I sometimes (what’s that? Oh, yeah, I mean frequently) say dumb things like they aren’t dumb.
  • I have some kind of geriartic inflammatory bone condition thing.
    Supposedly, it gets worse as you age, so I’m quite fine right now, but it’s probably going to 50-hit-combo me when I’m 50. We’ll see.
  • I took up the violin for three years in primary school.
    That’s grade/elementary school for you Americans. The punchline? I never learned to play beyond rote. Har har. But wait, there’s more. I didn’t know you have to loosen the strings before putting the thing in storage, so by the next time I opened the case, years later, the violin had snapped itself in two. Hardy har har.
  • I joined a HEMA society last year.
    Longsword, single-stick, rondel, spear, all the works. But I walked out after a few months due to their excessive focus on sparring and winning. Did I mention I detest PvP?
  • I once told a girl I PUG-ed with in LoTRO that she had a very sweet voice.
    No, seriously. She was the only party member on voice chat. It struck me later as weird, and I’ve never done that since.

Ravanel’s inquisition questions

1) Name one thing that would make your current favorite game better. Why?

I don’t have a current favorite game, but since I’m currently playing The Elder Scrolls Online, I could say I want more of the Elder Scrolls and less of the Online. But a million others have already said that. Why? Because.

2) How much time do you spend in MMOs standing around, not actively steering your character (for instance because you are chatting to friends) instead of doing actual gameplay?

In LoTRO? All the time – since I stopped playing the game long ago and now log in exclusively to RP. In TESO? None of the time – because I just started. So it depends on the game.

3) If you would get to pick a lightsaber, what colour crystal would be in it?

My favorite color is blue (another random fact for you) so I’d go with that. But since blue is the vanilla saber color, maybe I’ll go with white – the color of real vanilla – instead.

4) In games, do you have a preference for creating a character of a specific gender?

Nope. It depends on my character concept.

5) In games, do you have a preference for creating a character of a specific race (dwarf, elf, asura, human etc.)? If you check your characters, which race is in the majority?

My characters are overwhelmingly human. I have significantly more trouble relating to lesser non-human races. Is there a name for this kind of condition? I’d like to volunteer as a poster boy.

6) In games, do you have a preference for creating characters of a certain body type or height?

Again, I let character concepts decide. But I usually just stick to the prescribed norms.

7) Outside the realm of games: does everyone know that you game? Or do you keep it a secret for certain people?

Everyone says attitudes on gaming are changing. Are they? I’d like to find out. So I make no bones of the fact that I game. Let’s all stop treating it like a shameful habit to be ‘left at home’. There are far more shameful habits that people talk about in public.

8) What is your favourite in-game consumable and why?

Lembas, from LoTRO. Because I love the concept of it from the novels, and besides, one of my former gaming buddies had this weird idea that the lembas props from the LoTR movies were cheese sandwiches. And I really like cheese sandwiches.

9) Do you prepare that consumable in the offline world as well?

Cheese sandwiches? Hell yes. I like them grilled, and if possible, with either olive oil or salted butter.

10) What is your top 3 favourite dinosaurs?

Very tough one, since my interest in dinosaurs didn’t outlast childhood. But I can say that I liked the ichthyosaurus, because of its terrifying appearance in Journey to the Center of the Earth. I also liked the deinonychus just for its name (‘terrible claw’), and the archaeopteryx, because who doesn’t like a big, feathered prehistoric bird?

11) And, last but not least: I’m an iguanodon. What dinosaur are you?

I’m a tyrannosaurus. How in the name of Richard Attenborough am I a goddamned T-rex? I demand a recount.

“You elected?”
“Nah. I got nominated real good.”

I’m going to be arbitrary and nominate only fellow #NBI2015 graduates for this one. Finding folks who haven’t been Liebstered before is tough!

Knife’s Edge Adventures
My fellow short blade, how could I miss thee?

Lair of the Wolf Dragon
I never get tired of looking at Faeldray’s blog.

The Rykter Scale
You guys are a team, right? Go round robin!

Randark’s Review
Old is gold, my man. Keep up the retro love.

The Balance Force
I’m long out of SWToR, but I still read Liu.

Here’s what I’d like to know about you folks:

  1. Have you ever met an NPC in an MMO that you wished to become?
  2. Do you experience any mental barriers to trying out new games or game genres?
  3. How critical is your character’s appearance to you in a game?
  4. Do you have a preferred time of day to game?
  5. Have you ever had an epiphany mid-game, on anything? What was it?
  6. Name one thing you think modern MMOs could use a lot more of.
  7. Do you wear geek on your sleeve? Describe one instance that’s worked out either positively or negatively for you.
  8. How long, on average, do you take to type up a blog post?
  9. Do you think your life would be very different if you never got into gaming?
  10. Has your gaming habit influenced your tastes in other media, such as books and movies?
  11. If you were to give up gaming tomorrow, what would you do for fun thereafter?

There we are! I’m sure y’all know how this goes.


One Response to “What’s a Liebster? Can it be eaten?”

  1. […] on reading all of the blogs that I follow, which is why it took me almost a week to find out that Iron Dagger had nominated me for the Liebster Award. Or awarded it to me. Or just passed it on. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how it works. […]

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