My MMO firsts (hat tip to Syp)

Yeah, I’m lifting a topic from Blaugust without actually doing Blaugust. I know. But given I’m currently between jobs with an unrelenting avalanche of work foisted on me, and I still treasure my gaming time, I figured I’ll just write when I can – about what I can. I’m no Seth Godin.

This one comes courtesy of Bio Break’s Syp. It’s always nice to take a look back and see where the milestones lie – and see if any have rotted away.

My first online gaming experience: Several

Yes, several. Because memory fails me whenever I try to recall which I got into first: forum RPGs or browser-based games. This was back in 2000/2001.

The former didn’t last that long. I used to call them ‘bulletin board RPGs’ until I learned about BBS doors, which sounds close enough to be confusing. I played only in small, niche, homebrew settings, which inevitably petered out after a month or two.

The latter lasted longer. Wonder who still remembers and their flagship title, Utopia? I was there for two ‘ages’ (Ages 9 and 10! Renaissance and Conflict! Good God, I still remember), which comes up to about six months or so, before reluctantly taking my leave due to it hurting my grades. The camaraderie and action I experienced in Utopia is truly a thing apart in my gaming career – something I may write about someday if more memories surface.

Other browser games I remember playing quite extensively are Terran Legacy, World at Ruins, and Grendel’s Cave. Amazingly, these are still around!

My first MMO: World of Warcraft

I still remember my very first taste of it: at a private LAN party, where my gaming buddy let me roll a toon on his account (I went with Human Rogue) for a 20-minute spin. That wasn’t very long after WoW first launched, I think – and after Burning Crusade hit the scene, I joined him.

Though I was never very hardcore, and largely missed out on WoW’s vaunted raiding scene, the game was my go-to for gaming fun for the next few years. Not until LoTRO went F2P did I discover a substitute anywhere in the same league.

My first guild: World of Warcraft

Granted, it was a small social guild made up of my buddy, some folks he knew, and some other folks from our region. But a guild is a guild, right?

I still miss the camaraderie we had at times, although I certainly don’t miss the guild’s insipid names. It went through several equally insipid incarnations, ranging from the ‘guild leader just gave up’ sort (Coffee & Tea) to the cringe-worthy ‘one-worders are cool’ sort (Destiny, Vigilance, Resurrection, et cetera ad nauseum)

My first MMO love: Lord of the Rings Online

WoW was great, but LoTRO was better. I remember pitching it to my friends as ‘WoW 2.0’, so impressed was I by how much it improved upon the WoW formula.

I ended up staying nearly two years there, from after Siege of Mirkwood to before Riders of Rohan, and spent much more on it than I ever did on WoW. To this day I refuse to uninstall LoTRO. I never know when I might be tempted to just log back in and attempt to relive a few old memories – and besides, I have no MMO better suited for landscape photography.

My first MMO blog: You’re looking at it

Technically, I had blogs before this one, and one was even about gaming as well. But for all practical purposes, The Iron Dagger is my first blog where I talk about MMOs. Not only about, though – don’t want to pigeonhole myself.

My first <insert industry publication here> assignment: None yet

I’ve only just started, haven’t I?


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