My picks for MMOGames’s Blogger Bonanza

This will likely be my shortest post ever. Like, Seth Godin short. For context, look here.

I was going to do this a while back, but it got away during all the job transition hullabaloo. Sorry, Murf.

On MMO ‘jobification’

I like this one, but nearly three months after writing it, I still wonder at why it spearheads the Top Posts widget there on the right. I guess the whole concept of MMOs as busywork time sinks is pretty attention-grabbing. Would be interesting to compare how many read that last paragraph as an assertion versus how many read it as a question.

On backing MMO raiders and PvPers

I was pretty invested in this one. Devs don’t do nearly enough to reinforce the ‘rest of the playerbase’. And why not, when it could help curb MMO tourism?

On game difficulty and the concept of ‘challenge’

I think this counts as my most contentious post so far. I imagined the whole ‘playing on higher difficulties is nothing to brag about’ line would net me a holy smackdown, but instead, the comments that came along were so eloquent and well-put, I remember putting my workday lunch on hold just to reply from my phone.

How Skyrim let its lineage down

I would be remiss to exclude this: perhaps my oldest post, and one I’ve put enough time into to match any five others. Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC was such a letdown, it took days to bang this together from all the discombobulated thoughts I took away from it.

The devolution of Diablo

My first and so far only guest post, written for The JK Vision. Like the Skyrim one, this was a very old post from the earlier incarnation of this blog. I guess I really liked to rant about and nitpick on popular games back then. (Actually, I still do.)


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