My gaming space

Funny how I don’t seem to recall anyone posting about their gaming spaces recently, as Izlain mentioned in his own contribution here. But it struck me as something both interesting and gaming-related, so on a whim I snatched up my aging iPhone 4 and kicked mine off with this shot.

My gaming space

My gaming rig is also my all-purpose rig, if that isn’t obvious. I’m terrible with models and technical specs, so don’t look for me to tell you what’s in it. All I know is that it’s a few years old now, and starting to show its age, what with all the random freezes and blue screens. (And it struggled with Crysis 3 on max graphics, if that’s any indication.) I think I might have to cobble a new one together by Christmas.

As for why it’s standing on a pair of Tom Clancy novels, well, the nut who assembled it for me added a fan on the bottom of the chassis for some reason. Have to keep it off the table – and those were the only books I had at the time that were thick enough. I haven’t even read them yet!

Peripherals are a ratty old A4 Tech keyboard and a much newer Logitech M100: hand-me-downs from the IT company I worked at some years ago. I’ve never owned gaming peripherals, and I doubt I ever will. Run-of-the-mill stuff like this works well enough for me, especially since I don’t do competitive play where tools do matter.

That shapeless black thing hiding behind the monitor is my now dead and disconnected Epson Stylus T10. It’s practically a relic by now. Good thing I have no real need for a printer at home.

The monitor itself is perhaps the most interesting thing on my desk. It’s actually a TV – a 19″ Akira model with baked-in DVD player and speakers. My late father, a technophobe who hated messing with wires, found it somewhere – and accustomed to hooking up external players as we were, he was amused to no end at the fact that you could just slide a disc straight into the thing and play!

Last but not least, I must give due credit to that can of Baygon – itself an essential complement to my gaming. Because nothing kills the fun (and puts my characters in danger in a fight!) like a cockroach or beetle or wasp or what have you buzzing around my room, and nothing kills those like a well-aimed burst of insecticide (to the tune of this). If only they were smart enough to land on my monitor screen – the one move that might gain them a few more seconds of their miserable lives under an interrupted gamer’s wrath.

So yeah, it’s not much, but this is what I’ve gamed at from MUDs to MMOs. I guess this is the part where I wax lyrical about how it’s my desk and my little man cave and I never want it to change.

But who the hell am I kidding? There’s not much of a choice between nostalgia and a chair that doesn’t bloody give me backache.


3 Responses to “My gaming space”

  1. I need a new chair for my desk. This one kills if you sit in the same position too long. I’d like a second monitor too, and have access to one but not the space. Some day.

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