Lost trails of LoTRO: Vol IX

The lonely ride of Redwine Eardwrecca, exiled Rider of Rohan, continues. Retrace his hoofbeats from Vol I through II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and VIII!

For this penultimate entry, I considered delving into Moria, but I don’t have to go back there to remember that the whole blessed place is a ‘lost trail’ in its own right. I figured I’d be finding something to screenshot around every other corner, and just end up stuck on which one to use. (Probably some corner of the Water-works. Always loved that place.)

So I chose three other zones I haven’t ridden through yet – none of which would involve me tramping through pitch darkness. Come to think of it, a man of the Rohirrim exploring Moria would be a delicious irony, given the lore has established that horses hate the place…

View from Saruman's front door (2.2W, 79.2S)

View from Saruman’s front door

Nan Curunír (2.2W, 79.2S)

I know – who the hell roleplays in Isengard, right? But I’m including this shot for the rainbow show alone. I figured I’d be wasting my time in Saruman’s backyard, only to find something I liked on his porch.

I’m not sure if I noticed it the first time I set foot here, but the different shades of smoke grabbed me. Clearly a reference to Saruman of Many Colors, no? Not what I was expecting from a place the novels’ author imbued with his own animosity towards industry.

The mere mention of roleplaying in Isengard reminded me of this RP initiative from some years back. Well worth a read for the contrarian element alone!

Campsite near the Bitter Stair (2.9W, 19.1S)

Campsite near the Bitter Stair

Misty Mountains (2.9W, 19.1S)

Here’s one of the vanilla LoTRO zones I never experienced, being a Premium player who happens to be exceptionally stingy with his Turbine Points. Therefore, I never experienced Helegrod either – apart from a short venture inside one of its wings during the couple of months I was an active subscriber.

Doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge the zone’s beauty, however. It’s almost Forochel sans the foggy look, and the exterior of Helegrod itself is a thing to behold. This little camp sits in a snowy nook a short ride from the (itself dizzyingly scenic) Bitter Stair. I can easily imagine it used as a forward operating base for an assault on the Corcur, or for any RPed Helegrod raid.

You’ll have to share it with a pair of mute Dwarves, but who doesn’t prefer more company in such a cold and hostile land?

Flet near Brochos (69.3W, 17.5S)

Flet near Brochos

Lothlórien (69.3W, 17.5S)

I’ll say it: I don’t like Lothlórien. It’s no better than Mirkwood – the perpetual fairy fog and saturated look kills my attempts at decent screenshotting. I make do, though.

I’m aware that the Golden Wood is full of flets, and there seem to be a few different designs between them. This one, however, deserves special mention for its tight, train carriage-style layout (great for a small council!), as well as being unmarked on the map. A ‘lost trail’ indeed.

If only it was unoccupied! Would that LoTRO could adopt TESO’s murderous ways, and you could just punt that annoying Elf off the edge…


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