About Me

The Iron Dagger is a blog dedicated to reflections and commentary on games, and their lore, design, and culture.

Being a lifelong RPG fan – and most of what I muse about here concerns RPGs – the name is a jab (pun intended) at one of my favorite experiences in any game: the feeling of finding or earning a better weapon during your character’s perilous early days. Nothing like scrimping through the first few quests with that pinprick of a starting dagger, to afford a proper confidence boost sword!

There’s another reason behind the name, but only Skyrim players who toiled at Smithing would get it.

As for myself, call me Syrmaticus. That’s a genus of long-tailed pheasant, which is apparently what my family name means in Chinese (were we a House in Game of Thrones, our words would probably be We Taste Best Roasted).

I’m one of the hooded and cloaked drifters on the fringe of mainstream Asian gamer culture: Singaporean, thirtyish, and unabashedly anti-MOBA, e-sports, and PvP – thanks to a childhood steeped in roleplaying and storytelling on homebrew tabletops, play-by-post, and telnet MUDs.

Say hi on Twitter at @IronDaggerGames. If you play Storium, hit me up too!


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. By lack of contact details (I don’t tweet) I’ll post here. You’ve been Liebsterized! Don’t worry, it’s a good thing (or so I hope). You can find your nomination here: http://ravalation.blogspot.com/2015/07/creatively-double-liebsterized.html


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